Trump Posts Biden ‘Nursing Home Patients’ Video

It has come to light that The Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila had previously reported, President Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi were spotted holding hands and shuffling across the tarmac in San Francisco like nursing home patients toward Marine One on Wednesday afternoon.



Now, former President Trump has responded to the footage and trolled Biden in an epic manner.

Trump’s Instagram account late Thursday altered the video of the two octogenarians shuffling toward Marine One to show them approaching a “Visiting Angels” assisted living facility before disappearing from the screen.

The “Visiting Angels” theme song plays in the background throughout the video.

Conservatives on X found the video by Trump both hilarious and appropriate.

One wrote: Hilarious! Visiting Angels should definitely be the next stop for Biden and Pelosi. There are a few other career politicians who should join them.

Another wrote: “President Trump features a video of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi…lol… ‘Visiting Angels: Americas Choice in Home Care’. ”

One can only hope “Visiting Angels” will be Biden’s destination after he departs the White House for good. The workers there will treat him with more compassion than he is receiving from his staff and family.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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