Trump Posts Embarrassing Biden Golfing Video

Donald Trump took to Truth Social and uploaded a clip of an embarrassing golfing video, taking shots at Joe Biden.
Donald Trump Truth Social 08:56 AM EST 06/29/24

Longtime Washington Post editor and Watergate reporter Bob Woodward has revealed serious concerns about President Biden’s recent debate performance, comparing it to a “political hydrogen bomb.” Speaking on MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber,” Woodward emphasized the need for a thorough investigation into what went wrong during the debate.



Woodward described Biden’s debating as “so bad, so awful” that the American people deserve an explanation. He stressed the urgency of uncovering the truth, suggesting that it should not be delayed until future books or memoirs are written. Reflecting on his reaction while watching the debate, Woodward said, “I sat there and watched it and I could not believe it. I said, not only is this a political hydrogen bomb for him and the Democratic Party, it, you know — what happened? What happened?”

The veteran journalist speculated that calls for Biden to step out of the race are now “inevitable.” He suggested that the president might have been unsettled by a “knock down, drag out fight” with his staff during debate preparation.

Biden’s performance was further marred by his noticeably soft, scratchy voice at the podium, which sources close to the White House attributed to a cold. Despite aides dismissing the idea that Biden might drop out of the race, Woodward insisted that efforts should focus on uncovering the reasons behind the poor debate showing.

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