Trump Posts Heartbreaking Photo During Funeral

In a heartfelt and concise post on Truth Social at 09:28 AM EST on November 17, 2023, Donald Trump shared poignant words expressing his love for Maryanne, accompanied by a call for a funeral and blessings for her eternal rest. The brevity of the message reflects a moment of sincerity and emotion from the former President.



While the post doesn’t provide specific details about Maryanne or the context of the funeral, Trump’s use of the platform to convey personal sentiments underscores the power of social media in communicating and connecting with a wide audience. The straightforward message serves as a public expression of grief and tribute, creating a shared moment of reflection within the online community.

This post marks a departure from Trump’s more typical use of Truth Social for political commentary and announcements, revealing a personal side as he navigates the complexities of life and loss in the public eye. The platform allows him to share such personal moments directly with his followers, creating a digital space for both political discourse and genuine expressions of emotion.

According to Mediaite, former President Donald Trump has intensified his attacks on Judge Arthur Engoron and New York Attorney General Letitia James over the ongoing fraud trial, which is now entering its final phase. Trump, a central figure in the trial, took to Truth Social, a platform he co-founded, to “re-Truth” supporters’ posts that criticized the trial. One particularly alarming post suggested the idea of a “citizen’s arrest” for both the judge and the attorney general.

In a series of posts, Trump continued to assert that he is the victim of a corrupt legal system orchestrated by individuals aligned with President Joe Biden. He claimed that the trial is an attempt to hurt, demean, and damage him politically, emphasizing the alleged corruption and racism within the New York State Attorney General’s office. Trump also accused Judge Engoron of being a “Trump-hating puppet” willing to carry out the supposed agenda against him.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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