Trump Posts Joe Biden ‘Brain Fog’ Video

Despite the observable decline in Biden’s health, there are still individuals who choose to ignore it. In response, President Trump released a video aiming to reveal the truth about Biden’s condition, emphasizing the liberating power of truth.



The video serves as both comical and informative, with the hope that some viewers will recognize what many already see: that Biden is unfit for the presidency. The effort isn’t merely about criticizing liberals but about guiding them towards acknowledging reality.

As more Americans awaken to the truth, our numbers grow, and each truthful post contributes to this awakening. However, we face opposition, exemplified by biased articles such as one from the Baltimore Sun, which downplays concerns about Biden’s health while exaggerating Trump’s flaws.

In the article, medical professionals express concerns about Trump’s cognitive decline, contrasting it with Biden’s age-related memory lapses. Despite Biden’s occasional forgetfulness, they argue that it doesn’t indicate incompetence, emphasizing the wisdom gained from life experience.

However, Trump’s cognitive decline, they claim, is evident in his deteriorating verbal fluency, repetition of words, and confusion about reality. Despite attempts to dismiss Trump’s behavior as typical rambling, the professionals argue that it reflects serious signs of dementia.

Donald Trump’s prediction that the country — or, at least, the American automobile industry — will experience a “bloodbath” if he is not returned to the presidency was excessive and crude. But over-the-top rhetoric is not new and, for more than 400 licensed medical professionals, it’s not the most troubling aspect of Trump’s public performances.

They see evidence that the former president, at 77, is suffering from “probable dementia” so they have signed their names, along with hundreds of others, to an online statement asserting that grave concern.

Of course, his detractors claim President Joe Biden, at 81, is the one who shows such signs, and they continue to do so even after Biden’s solid delivery of the State of the Union address. The age and fitness of both candidates is a major concern for voters.

But, under the banner of “Duty To Warn,” organized by Baltimore-based psychologist John Gartner, both clinicians and researchers have joined an effort to defend Biden against dementia claims and warn the nation about what they see as Trump’s cognitive decline.

“The media never tire of asking, ‘Is [President Joe] Biden too old?’” Gartner says. “Polls showed twice as many people were worried about Biden’s cognitive health as Trump’s, when Biden’s memory lapses are within the normal limits for his age [81]. We all get more forgetful as we age. To say that makes us incompetent or ‘too old’ is ageism. I would argue that I’ve garnered wisdom and judgment from life experience that more than compensates for my memory blips. And I think the same could be said of Biden. … That’s why I say Biden’s brain is aging, but Trump’s brain is dementing.”

Mainstream media, says Gartner, push a false equivalency that Biden and Trump are “two old men” prone to mistakes, presenting equally unappealing choices. In fact, says Gartner, comparing Biden to Trump is “comparing apples to rotted oranges.” Biden, he notes, had a lifelong struggle with stuttering and was always known for gaffes, while Trump’s verbal skills, back in his Manhattan celebrity days, were at a higher level; they are now greatly diminished.

Gartner, a psychotherapist who was an assistant professor for 28 years at the Johns Hopkins University Medical School, has found credible help sounding this alarm. The statement the other professionals signed claims Trump is “showing unmistakable signs strongly suggesting dementia, based on his public behavior and informant reports.”

The statement cites a decline in Trump’s baseline verbal fluency. “[Trump] was once highly articulate, with a sophisticated vocabulary, and spoke in polished paragraphs,” the experts say. “Now, his vocabulary is impoverished, he often has difficulty finishing a thought, sentence or even a word. Typical of dementia patients, he [repeats] and overuses superlatives and filler words.”

Duty to Warn has 430,000 followers on X, formerly Twitter. Since last week, a post about Trump’s “probable dementia” has had more than 1.7 million views.

In a long series of testimonials attached to the original post, doctors and other professionals cite Trump’s use of incorrect words or jumbled words, suggesting a condition known as paraphasia, a common indicator of dementia. The experts note that Trump frequently makes errors he does not recognize and correct, and mixes up people across generations, mistaking a father for a grandfather.

But Trump has always rambled when he addresses MAGA rallies. So how do Gartner and the dozens of professionals he consulted discern signs of dementia?

“When you are literally unable to form words and what you’re saying is so incomprehensible that it’s impossible for someone to understand what you are saying, that’s not rambling,” says Gartner. “Those are serious signs of dementia. If you saw them in a relative, you would run, not walk, to a specialist to get them tested and start thinking about long-term care.”

“The evidence for dementia in Donald Trump has become overwhelming,” writes Dr. Lance Dodes, a psychiatrist and retired professor of the Harvard Medical School. “Unlike normal aging, which is characterized by forgetting names or words, Trump repeatedly shows something very different: confusion about reality.”

  1. The evidence presented by these professionals paints a compelling picture of Trump’s cognitive decline, raising concerns about his fitness for office alongside Biden’s.

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