Trump Posts Photo Of ‘Trial Ending’ Evidence

Former President Donald Trump recently took to his Truth Social account and posted the following:



“This is the Paper that I wanted to submit that the Judge refused to take, because he doesn’t want anybody to know about the Disclaimer Clause at the beginning of each Financial Statement. This is just part of it! That case is a disgrace to the Legal and Judicial System of New York. Hopefully the Appellate Courts will stop this travesty of Justice that everybody is watching and fully understanding!”

Trump recently decried the political motivation of his multiple criminal cases as he testified in the civil fraud case on Monday. He took the witness stand to testify in the civil fraud case, the former president “railed against the many prosecutors bringing cases against him.”

Trump was quoted by the Guardian as saying that the prosecutors are “all Democrats, all Trump haters, in all cases they’re not good, inappropriate and not good”. According to Reuters, Trump repeatedly said the case is “witch hunt” and has accused Engoron and New York Attorney General Letitia James of being politically biased against him.

The former president was seemingly irritable when he was asked about financial documents from approximately one decade ago. Trump’s alleged inflation of real estate assets is at the heart of his civil fraud trial, the report said. On several occasions during the hearing on Monday, the judge and Kevin Wallace, who is questioning Trump for the New York Attorney General’s Office, asked Trump’s attorney to “control his client”.


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