Trump Posts Video After Ballot Removal Bombshell

Donald Trump responded after his name is getting close to being removed from the ballot in Colorado and called out Joe Biden for this, putting down the current government.



Amidst a surge in Donald Trump’s poll numbers, Democrats are taking measures to prevent his appearance on the ballot, with hearings currently underway in Colorado to determine his eligibility. The Western Journal highlighted the commencement of these hearings, suggesting potential political implications, particularly as the judge overseeing the case, Sarah Wallace, was appointed by Colorado’s Democratic governor, Jared Polis, in August 2022.

As Trump’s legal team arrived in Colorado to confront the challenge, Breitbart emphasized their stance, with Jason Miller, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, denouncing the Democrats’ efforts as an attempt to ‘steal’ the election. According to the Denver Post, both Trump’s legal representatives and the plaintiffs presented the trial as a critical battle for democracy, debating the implications of allowing Trump to run for the presidency again or endorsing what they consider a political sham that could potentially disenfranchise voters.

Addressing the accusations of incitement of the Capitol riot, Trump’s legal team highlighted his public calls for peace during the events and refuted any allegations that he led the rioters into the Capitol. Scott Gessler, a former Colorado secretary of state and part of Trump’s legal team, drew parallels to the case of Eugene V. Debs, a socialist politician who ran for the presidency despite being imprisoned for sedition during World War I, to underscore their argument. As the trial continues, the dynamics of this case are poised to significantly impact the political landscape, reflecting the ongoing power struggles between the two major parties.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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