Trump Posts Video After Fight In Supreme Court

Former President Donald Trump, from his Florida residence Mar-a-Lago, dismissed a Supreme Court hearing on his eligibility for the Colorado ballot, labeling it a “phony hoax.” In his first public appearance since the lengthy proceeding, Trump opened with familiar political points, criticizing President Joe Biden and embellishing his time in office, often subject to fact-check scrutiny.



Shifting to the Supreme Court matter, Trump expressed admiration for the process, expressing hope for the continuation of democracy in the country. However, he asserted a challenging situation with what he referred to as radical left ideas and the alleged weaponization of politics, claiming it had reached unprecedented levels.

Addressing various legal cases he faces, Trump baselessly contended that they were “totally illegal” and must be halted, encompassing civil cases initiated by the attorney general or the district attorney. He specifically pointed to the situation in Georgia, characterizing meetings with the White House and the Department of Justice as staged and a “phony hoax.”

Trump expressed the hope that the Supreme Court case would be swiftly dismissed, deeming it a disgrace to the country. He alleged collaboration between the Justice Department, the White House, and the cases emerging from them, emphasizing that such cooperation is not supposed to occur.

Claiming that every legal case comes out of the White House, Trump reiterated his social media posts, portraying them as election interference originating from Biden. The former president’s statements, as reported, provide insight into his perspective on the legal challenges he faces and his broader commentary on the political landscape.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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