Trump Posts Video Of DeSantis Wiping Snot On Man

MSNBC’s Joy Reid recently roasted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the stupendously botched rollout of his 2024 presidential campaign on Wednesday and then questioned his commitment to good hygiene.



The governor announced his candidacy during a Twitter Spaces event that was delayed by about 20 minutes as the platform’s servers were unable to handle the surge in traffic.

Reid needled Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who hosted the event. Musk famously has fired roughly 80% of the company’s employees since acquiring the company in October.

It was noted that the host then turned her attention to DeSantis – in particular, she cited a report in the Daily Beast stating that he once ate chocolate pudding with his fingers in front of staffers. Unsurprisingly, former President Donald Trump – DeSantis’ chief rival for the nomination – and his allies have had a field day with the story.

One ad shows “DeSantis” eating pudding with his fingers. (The gross ad has been edited out of the video above. You are welcome.)

“Not only does this dude eat pudding with his hands, he literally wiped his nose and wiped snot on somebody’s shirt,” Reid said on Wednesday’s edition of The ReidOut. We have of it.”

As she spoke, a clip of DeSantis campaigning in Iowa aired. It showed him wiping around his nose before patting a man on the shoulder.

“It’s like, ‘Don’t shake his hand because you either gonna get pudding and spit on it, or you’re gonna get snot on it! Don’t touch his hands!’ And that weird laugh! What is going on with this man?!”

Former Rep. David Jolly said that though this was “the biggest day in the political life” of DeSantis, it was a “disaster.”

“And it has become absolutely humiliating, rawly embarrassing, emasculating, mortifying, choose your word,” he said. “This has been a disaster for Ron and Casey DeSantis.”

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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