Trump Racist Insult To Democrat Woman Leaks

Donald Trump called Maxxine Watters a racist on Truth Social during the State of the Union, “Just showed Racist Maxine Waters with a big smile on her face, but this is a woman that truly hates America!”

Donald Trump appears to have a giant bullseye on his back, and the wannabe Robin Hoods are firing anything and everything they can at him and hoping it sticks. Today, we learn that big red has been hit by another dud missile – unless someone starts crying about it. Turns out the Trumpster called an openly Jewish man jewish to his face. I don’t get it. What’s the problem. 

As per Business Insider, Former and perhaps future President Donald Trump called his company’s former chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg his “Jewish CPA” and pressured him to “make me happy, or else,” according to an interview Weisselberg’s former daughter-in-law gave to the Manhattan district attorney’s office.



Trump’s language was quoted by Jennifer Weisselberg in an interview with investigators from the Manhattan prosecutor’s office, according to a forthcoming book by ex-prosecutor Mark Pomerantz. Jennifer described how Allen Weisselberg received lavish benefits from the Trump Organization without paying taxes on them, according to the book.

“As for Trump’s view of Allen Weisselberg, Jennifer claimed to have heard Trump tell Weisselberg that ‘you know what to do, my Jewish CPA … make me happy, or else,'” Pomerantz wrote in his book, a copy of which Insider obtained.

Allen Weisselberg worked for the Trump Organization for decades, rising to the role of CFO and managing the personal finances of Trump’s family members. Prosecutors at the Manhattan district attorney’s office have sought his cooperation for their long-running investigation into Trump’s finances, which remains ongoing.

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