Trump Rejected By Two Family Members

According to reports by The Daily Beast, there was a sense of celebration and excitement within Trump’s inner circle regarding the news of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump being on the outs. Trump’s confidants were sharing transcribed remarks about Kushner and Ivanka, and some saw it as a positive development for the campaign and potential future administration.



One Trump adviser acknowledged the excitement but attributed it more to frustration with Trump’s staffing choices rather than solely focusing on Ivanka and Jared. They emphasized the need for better hiring practices moving forward.

The timing of the public announcement coincided with Trump welcoming back Roger Stone and Steve Bannon into his circle, both of whom have had personal conflicts with Kushner in the past. Additionally, there have been concerns raised about Kushner’s recent involvement in a $2 billion deal with a Saudi-backed investment fund.

However, there was speculation about who initiated the separation between Trump and “Javanka.” A Trump confidant claimed that both Kushner and Ivanka did not want to be part of Trump’s second run, suggesting that it was their decision to distance themselves. The source asserted that Trump is trying to make it appear as though it was his decision, but those close to the situation know the truth and believe that Ivanka and Jared will not be affiliated with Trump moving forward.

A Trump confidant said both Kushner and Ivanka didn’t want to be “part of his second run,” adding that the former president “wanted” the duo, but they declined.

“I believe that the president is trying to make it appear that it’s his decision, but it’s not,” this source told The Daily Beast. “Everyone in the inner circle knows. There is no way in hell they are going to be affiliated with Trump.”

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