Trump Returning To ‘Scene Of Crime’ He Committed

President Joe Biden’s campaign issued a scathing memo criticizing former President Donald Trump’s recent visit to Capitol Hill, labeling him an “unhinged criminal” and condemning his return to the scene of the January 6 insurrection. The memo, released by Biden-Harris 2024, highlighted Trump’s meeting with congressional Republicans, where he reportedly engaged in erratic behavior and promoted what the memo described as an “extreme agenda.”



The campaign memo summarized Trump’s actions during the visit, accusing him of continuing to propagate falsehoods and pursuing divisive policies. It noted Trump’s disparaging remarks about Milwaukee, errors regarding public opinion on Roe v. Wade, and proposals that would allegedly benefit his donors at the expense of working Americans. Additionally, the memo criticized Trump for his stance on tariffs and his derogatory comments about federal law enforcement.

Furthermore, the memo pointed out Trump’s apparent lack of remorse for the January 6 attacks, his failure to advocate for reproductive rights, and his overall failure to change perceptions of him as an erratic and lawless figure. Biden-Harris 2024 Rapid Response Director Ammar Moussa condemned Trump’s behavior as a convicted felon returning to Capitol Hill, characterizing him as a disgraced figure whose words only reinforced concerns about his leadership style and policies.

Ahead of Trump’s meeting, Biden’s campaign also released a pointed advertisement featuring footage from the January 6 riot and highlighting Trump’s controversial statements. The ad aimed to underscore the contrast between Biden’s leadership and Trump’s divisive rhetoric, framing Trump’s potential return to power as a “national nightmare” in the eyes of Biden’s campaign.

Today, Donald Trump returned to Capitol Hill for the first time since inspiring a violent insurrection in a desperate attempt to overturn the results of an election he lost — this time as a twice-impeached convicted felon. Trump was supposed to be meeting with his MAGA allies in Congress to draw up their plans to enact extremist Project 2025 policies in a second term.

And per usual, Trump’s feeble ego got the best of him. Cue the bizarre tangents.

Here are a few reports of Trump’s unhinged field trip to Capitol Hill:

  • Called Milwaukee, the largest city in a swing state and home of the 2024 Republican National Convention, a “horrible city”
  • Once again incorrectly asserted that “everyone was against” Roe v. Wade
  • Proposed increasing taxes and costs for tens of millions of Americans to give his donors a tax handout
  • Claimed he “love(s) tariffs” — the same ones that are set to skyrocket costs for middle class families
  • Called federal law enforcement “dirty no good bastards”
  • Soft-launched losing the June 27 debate against President Biden: “Maybe I’ll lose the debate on purpose”
  • Ranted about Taylor Swift for the second time this week
  • Sounded like a “drunk uncle at your family reunion”

What he did not do:

  • Apologize to law enforcement who were attacked on January 6
  • Tell Republicans to protect IVF and contraception
  • Change anyone’s mind that he’s an unhinged criminal

The following is a statement from Biden-Harris 2024 Rapid Response Director Ammar Moussa on Trump’s unhinged day on the Hill:

“Three years after inspiring a mob of violent insurrectionists to storm the Capitol, Donald Trump returned to the scene of the crime as a convicted felon, disgraced loser, and more unhinged than ever before. Between rants about law enforcement and attacks on the site of the RNC convention, Trump doubled down on an extreme agenda of higher taxes for working families, raising costs for the middle class, and fewer freedoms for Americans. Nothing Trump says today can erase his legacy on Capitol Hill — but his words offer a preview of the national nightmare we would endure in his second term.”

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