Trump Reveals Alleged Biden Dementia With Putin

Former President Donald Trump recently took a shot at President Joe Biden for calling Ukraine “Iraq” twice during a Saturday rally, saying American adversaries are “at the top of their game.”



It has been noted that Biden’s age has resurfaced as a concern after he twice mistakenly called Ukraine “Iraq” in the span of a few days. He claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin was “losing in Iraq” Wednesday when discussing the attempted coup by Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, after he bragged about how he brought Europe together in response to “the onslaught in Iraq” Tuesday night.

“We have a man who is grossly incompetent who’s representing us, and if you look at the leaders of the world, these people are at the top of their game, President Xi and Kim Jong Un, and I could name almost every country, but we have somebody that’s not at all, but, while stating twice this week, as an example, that Russia is losing the war to Iraq,” Trump said during a Save America rally in Pickens, South Carolina.

In addition to verbal gaffes, Biden has also taken some falls, including one at the Air Force Academy June 1. He also fell down while on his bike in June 2022 and stumbled on the steps of Air Force One on two occasions.

Less than half of Democrats wanted Biden to run again in 2024, citing his age, according to an April AP/MORC poll. Biden announced his re-election bid April 25 with a video posted to social media, and faces challenges from guru Marianne Williamson and activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the Democratic primary.

“You can’t make a mistake by calling Ukraine ‘Iraq,’ and then you certainly can’t do it a second time, because there’s something wrong,” Trump said.

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