Trump Reveals American ‘Iron Dome’ In Video

Donald Trump has announced an ‘iron dome’ to his supporters.



Robert Ray, who served as an impeachment lawyer for former President Trump, expressed agreement with prosecutors that the gag order on Trump should remain in effect until his sentencing next month.

Speaking on CNN’s NewsNight, Ray said:

 “I have absolutely no problem, frankly, with the prosecutors’ real concern about safety.”

“And look, there are wingnuts out there in the period of time between now and when the trial court’s role in this case ends,” he added in remarks highlighted by Mediaite. “I don’t think it’s worth taking the chance that anybody could do harm to any of the court personnel, the judge’s staff, most importantly, the judge, and certainly the district attorney and his staff.”

Trump was recently convicted on all 34 counts related to falsifying business records concerning hush money paid to an adult film star in 2016. Despite denying the allegations, he plans to appeal the verdict.

Following his conviction, Trump challenged the gag order, which restricts him from commenting publicly on various aspects of the case. Prosecutors have supported maintaining the gag order due to over 50 threats against officials involved, though they agreed that it could be lifted to protect witnesses.

The New York Court of Appeals rejected Trump’s request to lift the order entirely, stating there was no significant constitutional question raised. Ray supported this decision, stating,

“Any gag order that would help calm the temperature here and safely navigate this proceeding, I think is the right course.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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