Trump Reveals Crying In Court To Tucker Carlson

Former President Donald Trump recently stated that the staff of the New York City courthouse at which he was arraigned last week were so moved by his presence or the event of his booking on criminal charges that they broke down into tears.



The controversy sparked around the hush money payment that Cohen admitted that he made to Stormy Daniels during the fall of Trump’s 2016 White House bid to keep her from coming forward about an alleged affair she had with the then-candidate. Trump has denied the affair. Previously, TMZ reported that Daniels was experiencing the impact of Trump’s potential impending arrest and reportedly strengthening her security after receiving multiple threats.

Donald Trump claims courthouse staff ‘were crying’ and apologized at his arraignment

Trump, in his first interview since last Tuesday’s arraignment with Fox News and “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” called the courthouse staff “incredible” and further claimed they apologized to him.

“They were incredible. When I went to the courthouse which is also a prison in a sense, they signed me in and I’ll tell you people were crying,” Trump told Fox News. “People that work there. Professionally work there that have no problems putting in murderers and they see everybody. It’s a tough, tough place and they were crying. They were actually crying. They said I’m sorry.”

It was not clear what the courthouse staff Trump was referring to. As part of the widespread media coverage of the arraignment, Trump could be seen being led out of a doorway of the courthouse into a hallway, heavily surrounded by uniformed law enforcement. Trump wore a sullen, serious look as the law enforcement officers escorting him maintained emotionless expressions.


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