Trump Reveals Famous Woman Is Stalking Him

Donald Trump is making headlines today after a shocking announcement made by Trump via his Truth Social.



Could it be that Donald Trump, the former US president, and alleged sexual predator is now the prey of one female stalker? All signs appear to indicate that the former and potential future US president is now a victim of stalking. However, this is merely Donald Trump’s personal opinion. Nothing has been substantiated as of the time of this writing.

The “stalker” story has not yet hit major news headlines, nor has it been verified at the time of the writing of this article One thing is for certain – If Trump feels any threat from this woman who calls herself E. Jean Carol, he won’t hesitate to take aim with a hefty lawsuit. This wouldn’t be outlandish considering the turmoil Trump has found himself in lately with the courts with E. Jean Carroll suing him for sexual assault. Could it be that E. Jean Carol is a liberal?

Stranger things have happened. It appears Trump is being targeted on many fronts and all before the 2024 elections. Only time will tell if E. Jean Carol is indeed a stalker, or if in fact this is just a case of mistaken identity – or intentions. Keep tuned in and find out…

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