Trump Reveals Female Enemy Will Be Vice President?

It has been noted that former President Donald Trump has not ruled out the possibility of taking former South Carolina Governor and fellow Republican rival Nikki Haley as his running mate for the upcoming presidential election via Epoch Times. This is according to a video posted on X by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign.



When quizzed in the video, the Republican frontrunner responded to a question regarding comments made by his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, on Newsmax earlier in the week as to whether he would consider Ms. Haley as his running mate.

“Never say never,” she responded.

President Trump stated that it’s unlikely this would happen; however, he fell short of ruling out the possibility.

“I’ve always gotten along with Nikki,” Mr. Trump said, adding, “We have some things in common and some things we don’t have in common, and some of those things are very important.”

“There’s a reason why they spend money against me. Haley and Trump spend money against me. He has not spent any money against her, and she has not spent any money against him,” according to a video of Mr. DeSantis addressing voters.

Ms. Haley’s campaign for president started slowly but recently gained steam, as she is advancing steadily in several recent polls. She is now running neck and neck with DeSantis for second place.

While it has been rumored that Ms. Haley could accept a potential invitation to become vice president, it remains speculation.

Ms. Haley has served in the Trump administration as ambassador to the United Nations and maintained a healthy working relationship with then-President Trump, but has found herself at odds with some of his approaches in recent times.

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