Trump Reveals His Crimes In ‘Security Tapes’

Former President Donald Trump strongly criticized a CNN report on the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case, where staffers are speculated to testify against him. The CNN report suggested that individuals such as a plumber, a maid, a chauffeur, and a woodworker might be called as witnesses in the upcoming trial, a claim Trump dismissed as “Breaking Fake News.”



In a post on Truth Social, Trump accused CNN of being “Fake News” and claimed that the story was leaked by the “Deranged Prosecutor Jack Smith” and his “massive team of Radical Left Lunatics.” He contended that the papers and boxes mentioned in the report were openly and plainly brought from the White House, asserting his right under the Presidential Records Act.

Trump also mentioned supplying security tapes to address the claims, framing it as a response to “Election Interfering Thugs.” He downplayed the significance of the report, asking, “Is this really ‘Breaking News?’ No, it’s ‘Breaking Fake News.'”

The former president then pivoted to allegations against Joe Biden, suggesting that numerous papers, boxes, and documents were found at “NUMEROUS Crooked Joe Biden places.” He cited examples like Biden’s garage floor by his Corvette and CHINATOWN, insinuating impropriety. Trump argued that Biden doesn’t come under the Presidential Records Act because he wasn’t president at the time.

Trump also criticized the amount of money spent on investigations against him, particularly by Special Counsel Jack Smith, referring to the Russia investigation as a “phony Russia, Russia, Russia, type Scam.” He questioned the financial resources spent on investigating Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in a “much bigger boxes deal.”

This response highlights Trump’s ongoing strategy of dismissing reports critical of him as “fake news” while presenting counter-narratives to redirect focus and cast doubt on the credibility of investigations against him.

Fake News CNN just did a story, leaked by Deranged Prosecutor Jack Smith and his massive team of Radical Left Lunatics, that various people saw papers and boxes at Mar-a-Lago. Of course they did! They may have been the boxes etc. that were openly and plainly brought from the White House, as is my right under the Presidential Records Act. I even supplied, upon request, Security Tapes to these Election Interfering Thugs. Is this really “Breaking News?” No, it’s “Breaking Fake News.” But what about all of the papers, boxes, and documents found at NUMEROUS Crooked Joe Biden places, like his garage floor by his cherished Corvette, or CHINATOWN where it was just learned that boxes moved freely in and out. He doesn’t come under the Presidential Records Act because he wasn’t President at the time. Deranged Jack Smith has spent over $100,000,000 investigating me on this phony Russia, Russia, Russia, type Scam. How much $’s have they spent investigating Crooked Joe on his much bigger boxes deal?

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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