Trump Reveals If He’s Dropping Out Of 2024 Election

During an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw, former President Donald Trump delved into the Stormy Daniels hush money trial, expressing frustration over what he perceived as unfair treatment by prosecutors. Dr. Phil broached a sensitive topic when he questioned whether any deals were proposed to Trump to withdraw from the presidential race in exchange for leniency in legal matters.



Trump vehemently denied any such offers, asserting that he believes they would have been presented if he had suggested the possibility. He emphasized his belief that prosecutors knew him well enough to understand his resolve. However, he acknowledged the potential for such scenarios to arise, highlighting the coercive nature of prosecutorial tactics and the detrimental impact on individuals coerced into making deals.

The conversation touched on the broader issue of prosecutorial abuse and intimidation tactics, with Dr. Phil echoing concerns about the vulnerability of individuals coerced into making deals, potentially sacrificing their health and well-being. Trump’s response underscored his conviction that his decision to run for president exposed him to legal challenges he might otherwise have avoided.

In recounting his legal battles, including the payment of a significant sum to an individual he claimed not to know, Trump conveyed his frustration with what he perceived as unjust legal proceedings. The interview shed light on the complexities and controversies

DONALD TRUMP: What they’ve done to people that work for me is incredible. Incredible. The threats, the taking of a gentleman who’s been with me for years and telling me he’s going to jail for 15 years, unless they say– and he went back to jail a second time.

I guess they didn’t want him to testify. I don’t know what happened exactly, but the threats that they made to this man, they’ve destroyed his life. These are fascists. You know, these are really bad people, Phil, and.

But who’s going to do it? You’re going to jail for 15 years, or you’re going to go for 30 days or 40 days, or you’re going to go for no time. But you have to say bad things about Trump.

DR. PHIL MCGRAW: Yeah. And that’s intimidation. And and you– and some of these people, you look at their age, you look at their health. And for some of it could be a death sentence. And so they make a deal and and that’s what I talk about. That’s what I mean when I say prosecutorial abuse.

Did anyone ever approach you and try to get you to make a deal? Drop out of the race, make a deal here. We’ll leave you alone.

DONALD TRUMP: No they didn’t. But I believe they would if they– if if I would have offered that up. I don’t think– I think they know me well enough. I think. I really do, but uh oh.

If I didn’t run — as an example, I would have never had any of these lawsuits. How about I get prosecuted on a person that I have no idea who she is. I have no idea who she is. I have to pay $91 million.

And that judge was just as bad, just as corrupt, a corrupt judge. I have to pay 91 million to a woman. I have no idea who she is.

She wrote a book and she made a statement in the book.

surrounding Trump’s presidency and the legal challenges he faced during his tenure.

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