Trump Reveals Joe Biden May Be Gone Before…

During a Fox News town hall with Sean Hannity, former President Donald Trump shared his skepticism about President Joe Biden’s ability to make it to the 2024 election. Hannity asserted that Biden seemed to be “struggling cognitively,” citing instances of mumbling and stumbling in recent appearances. When asked if he thought Biden would be the Democratic candidate in 11 months, Trump responded, “I personally don’t think he makes it.”



Expressing concerns about Biden’s physical and mental condition, Trump referenced a remark made by Biden about taking someone “behind the barn” and suggested that Biden might not fare well physically in such a scenario. Trump pointed out a perceived double standard in public perception, noting that if he made a similar statement, he would be labeled a dictator.

Trump then commented on what he observed during a beach visit, claiming that Biden struggled to lift a beach chair meant for children. He expressed doubts about Biden’s mental acuity, suggesting it might be equally or even more problematic.

Turning to potential Democratic replacements for Biden, Trump mentioned California Governor Gavin Newsom and highlighted Newsom’s recent Fox News debate with Ron DeSantis, a Republican primary rival. Despite acknowledging Newsom’s slick performance, Trump criticized him for lacking facts. He also suggested Vice President Kamala Harris as a possible replacement, citing political considerations related to the African American vote.

In addition to questioning Biden’s fitness, Trump emphasized his belief that there are “evil” and “communist” individuals surrounding the president in the Oval Office. The town hall provided a platform for Trump to voice his reservations about Biden’s physical and mental capabilities and to speculate on potential Democratic successors.

By the way, it was ok for him to say, “I’d like to take him behind the–” He could say that and everyone thought it was so cute. If I ever said it, they’d say, “He’s a dictator! He’s a horrible human being.” You know, it’s a whole double standard we have, not only in the law, but just about everything else, as you know very well. I personally don’t think he makes it physically. I watched him at the beach, he wasn’t able to lift a beach chair which is meant for children to lift. You can lift it like that.

And mentally I would say he’s possibly equally as bad and maybe worse. But I don’t know. I will say this. He’s got vicious people surrounding him around that beautiful Oval Office. There are people in that Oval Office that are evil people, bad people, smart people, young, vicious. They are communist and they are bad.

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