Trump Reveals ‘Laughing’ After Guilty Verdict

Donald Trump made remarks after his guilty verdict.

Conservative political strategist Karl Rove recently mocked Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Fox News Thursday and called her a “star on Russian TV” for her claim that President Joe Biden had the FBI standing by to assassinate Donald Trump via Mediaite.

It has been noted that Rove told America Reports that zealots on both sides of the aisle have been spewing bizarre hyperbole to promote their presidential candidates. Rove began with actor Robert De Niro, who staged a pro-Biden press conference outside the Manhattan courthouse this week where Trump is standing trial.

“Do we really believe, as De Niro said, that Donald Trump wants to destroy New York City, wants to destroy America, and wants to destroy the world. Really?” Rove continued:

One thing to say his policies are gonna hurt the city, country, and world, but to say he is a mad villain who wants to blow up the world — you know, he’s sitting in a volcano someplace talking about “lay-sers.” I mean, it’s just absurd.

Similarly, Marjorie Taylor Greene saying that boilerplate language that’s normally in a federal search warrant meant that Joe Biden wanted to assassinate Donald Trump during the search of Mar-a-Lago and that the F.B.I. was ready to take fire, you know, take aim and fire away. I mean, please! That was so outlandish the Russians picked it up and she is a star on Russian TV! They want to use that bit of misinformation to paint us in a wrong fashion.

So, the winner of this election is going to be the campaign that figures out that it’s better to talk about, in the case of Trump, immigration, the problem at the border, inflation, what’s happening in our cities, the out of control spending, fires around the world, woke — and be specific about those being problems, and get rid of all this other sort of extraneous stuff that is only designed to inflame the people who are already revved up and ready to go for their respective candidates.

Several Fox News anchors had previously promoted Greene’s assassination theory. Just last week, Maria Bartiromo said:

“This is so extraordinary. Over and over again, we see that the Democrats charge the Republicans with things that they are actually doing, and they have, this happens over and over again. Now the FBI and the Democrats keep saying things like Trump is a threat to democracy, but Biden is authorizing deadly force against his political opponent?”

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