Trump Reveals Mexico Getting ‘Wiped Out’ In Video

A video clip of former President Donald Trump’s Univision interview has emerged on social media in which he spoke about Mexico.



Trump recently stated that Mexico could be at threat of nuclear destruction in a potential World War III. Trump, who is running for a second term in 2024, said the potential impact of another nuclear war could involve Mexico’s total destruction.

“The biggest threat is nuclear weapons,” Trump said. “And we have a man that doesn’t even know what a nuclear weapon is as our chief negotiator. And it’s a very scary thing. You could end up in World War III, and World War III happens, probably Mexico will no longer be around, because the power of nuclear weapons are so big.”

“If they hit us, you’re going to be wiped out, too. That’s how bad it is,” he added.

The comment came after Trump spoke on Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary, and his view on the current violence within Ukraine and the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Orban has previously referred to liberalism as a “virus that will atomize and disintegrate our nations.”

“I’m sure if President Trump would be the president, there would be no war in Ukraine and Europe,” Orban said at the European CPAC summit this year. “Come back, Mr. President. Make America great again and bring us peace.”

Trump echoed those remarks, saying his presence in the international arena helped prevent the violence between Ukraine and Russia as well as between Israel and Gaza that has taken place during the Biden administration.


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