Trump Reveals Money He Has In Bank After Arrest

Donald Trump has posted on Truth Social, “In the New York State Case against me by Trump Hating Attorney General Letitia James, who campaigned on “I will get TRUMP,” a case that never should have been brought, I have easily shown & proven that I am worth Billions of Dollars more than information listed on my Financial Statements, all of which have a very strong Disclaimer Clause & protective language, and show very little Debt, most of which has been paid off, or is current, with Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Cash on Hand…”



He added, “There were no Defaults during all of the many years in question, the Banks made money, with loans being paid off in full, on schedule, or at an earlier date. Any and all existing loans are Current with no Defaults. The Banks made money & were happy. They were represented by the most respected law firms in the Country. THERE WERE NO VICTIMS! We did everything right, and it would be a great honor to be totally exonerated by a Judge who has thus far shown tremendous hostility to me!”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph is the editor and lead reporter of Wrestling Edge. You can send an email to wrestlingedgeofficial

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