Trump Reveals Painful Joe Biden ‘Break Down’

Donald Trump posted on Truth Social, “On numerous occasions I told the Air Force and Lockheed Martin that the F-35 Fighter Jet is, in effect, DEFECTIVE, because it only has one engine. They told me that the engine is so good and reliable that it will never break down. I said that’s not possible, everything breaks down at one time or another, just look at Crooked Joe Biden. You need redundancy, you need TWO ENGINES! No high cost modern day plane should have only one engine. Well, an F-35 fell out of the sky yesterday. Hear we go again!



I also recommended to “bad maintenance” Boeing that they should not lengthen the unattractive, fat, and slow 737 to get a larger plane, they should go, instead, to an updated fast, beautiful, and sleek 757, the “Praying Mantis.” It is commercial pilots favorite plane to fly. Had they listened to me, years ago, they wouldn’t have had the disaster known as the 737 MAX. Those two horrible tragedies would never have happened. As they say, “Trump was right about everything.” Thank you!!!”

He also said, “Prime Minister Sunak of the United Kingdom has very substantially rolled back the ridiculous “Climate Mandates” that the United States is pushing on everyone, especially itself. I always knew Sunak was smart, that he wasn’t going to destroy and bankrupt his nation for fake climate alarmists that don’t have a clue.

In the meantime the U.S. keeps rolling merrily along, spending Trillions of Dollars trying to do that which is not doable, while at the same time breathing in the filthy and totally untreated air floating over our once great Country from China, India, Russia, and Parts Unknown. They are all building Coal Fired Plants by the hundreds each year, and Germany, which has almost destroyed itself with its ridiculous form of the Green New Hoax, has just joined in. Congratulations to Prime Minister Sunak for recognizing this SCAM before it was too late! The Green New Hoax will take down the U.S., perhaps even sooner than our Open Border of Death. IT MUST BE STOPPED. MAGA!!!”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph is the editor and lead reporter of Wrestling Edge. You can send an email to wrestlingedgeofficial

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