Trump Reveals Rupert Murdoch ‘Epic Fail’ In Video

Former President Donald Trump recently reacted to Murdoch departure during The National Pulse interview at Mar a Lago. He said that the network under Rupert went all in on DeSantis, which has failed, and suggested globalists were responsible for Fox’s tone shift of late.



In a recent interview at Mar-a-Lago, former President Donald Trump shared his thoughts on Rupert Murdoch’s departure from Fox News. He dropped hints about a shift in the network’s tone and direction. The conversation, conducted by Raheem Kassam for The National Pulse, touched upon the media’s stance towards Trump, with a particular focus on Fox News.

Yesterday Fox News announced that Murdoch would step down and become chairman emeritus of the company he established in 1996.

Kassam began by pointing out the perceived hostility of Fox News towards Trump, especially in recent times, and sought Trump’s opinion on Murdoch’s decision to leave. Trump responded, “Well, I wish him luck. We’ve done fine with Fox. We’ve done well with Fox over the years.”

He fondly remembered Roger Ailes, the former chairman of Fox News, as a “great guy” and a personal friend. Trump then alluded to possible external influences on the network’s direction, saying, “They picked their opponents, perhaps it’s the globalists, who knows why.”

Trump explained, “We had the greatest economy in history, we had the strongest border in history, we cut taxes greater than Ronald Reagan.” However, he felt a certain disconnect with the network, noting, “there’s an overhang that you just feel there’s something missing.”

Kassam further probed if Murdoch’s departure was a result of the media mogul’s unsuccessful attempts to oppose Trump during the primary cycle. Trump responded by taking a swipe at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, without naming him directly, saying, “Well, they put everything against DeSanctimonious and he’s not a talented person.”

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