Trump Reveals ‘Screaming’ After His Kid Dragged To Court

In a recent statement, former President Donald Trump has vehemently denounced what he perceives as the unjust persecution of his sons, decrying the ongoing legal proceedings as a politically motivated witch hunt. Trump pointedly criticized the New York State Judge overseeing the case, accusing them of seeking publicity and exercising a lack of control in the matter. He asserted that the case should never have been initiated in the first place, citing the supposed opinions of legal scholars who purportedly deemed the situation a disgrace.



Asserting the discrepancy between his actual worth and the figures presented in financial statements, Trump highlighted the presence of a disclaimer clause in the documents, emphasizing the need for readers to conduct their own thorough due diligence and analysis. Additionally, he drew attention to the testimony of the prosecution’s star witness, alleging that the individual had admitted to lying on the stand, a significant development that, according to Trump, was not adequately covered by the press.

Trump further criticized the handling of the case, claiming that financial institutions and insurance companies had not incurred any substantial losses and that there were no victims, except for the innocent individuals falling victim to violent crimes on the streets of New York City. He further accused the Attorney General of inaction, lamenting her alleged neglect while the Trump family faced what he perceived as ongoing mistreatment at the hands of a purportedly biased judge. Trump specifically highlighted the judge’s valuation of a property, which he contended was severely undervalued, as a further example of the judge’s alleged bias.

These remarks were shared by Trump on his social media platform, Truth Social, in a post dated November 5, 2023, underscoring his continued efforts to publicly challenge the ongoing legal proceedings and assert his perspective on the matter.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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