Trump Reveals Speaker Candidate Begged For Help

Donald Trump is endorsing people as he goes about his 2024 presidential campaign. The former president was in New Hampshire on Monday to officially file himself on the state’s 2024 primary ballot. Trump was asked by the media on his thoughts about whether he would support Tom Emmer’s (R-MN) for the speaker position in the House of Representatives.



Trump said he would endorse Emmer as Tom is his biggest fan. Notably, Trump also supported Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) in the past, but Jordan ended his bid as he had multiple failed votes. Kevin McCarthy was ousted sometime back, and the position has been looking for its next successor since the turn of events.

Reporter: Would you endorse Tom Emmer for speaker? He hasn’t historically been your biggest fan, but he is the most likely candidate right now.

Trump: He’s my biggest fan now because he called me yesterday and told me I’m your biggest fan. I’m sorta trying to stay out of that as much as possible, but they’ll get it straightened out. I’ve always gotten along with him. I get along all of them really.

According to Mediaite, Tom Emmer is up against eight Republican rivals for the House GOP’s nomination. The road to the position wouldn’t be easier, but Trump’s support may ease off some part of the journey for Emmer. Trump holds a key standing in his party, and his words mean a lot to many people.

Trump’s words may be the right support that Emmer needs. A person of Donald’s stature would mean that Tom has a higher vote and victory percentage and that is all anyone wants in any election.

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