Trump Reveals ‘Threat’ To FBI Boss From…

Former President Donald Trump shared an article on Tuesday night through his Truth Social platform, reaching his 7 million followers. The article, originally from Newsweek, detailed Steve Bannon’s recent threat directed at former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, warning him to be concerned about potential repercussions if Trump is reelected. Trump’s post included a screenshot of Bannon’s statement, “Deep State Criminals Fear President Trump’s Return to Power – Consider Fleeing Country to Avoid Being Held Accountable for Their Actions.”



While Trump did not explicitly endorse Bannon’s remarks, his decision to share them highlights Bannon’s influence and the alignment of their views, particularly concerning using government power against critics. This alignment is expected to be a significant focus during the ongoing 2024 election campaign.

Steve Bannon, a major figure in Trump’s 2016 campaign and briefly in his administration, has a history of advocating for retaliatory actions against Trump’s adversaries. His recent comments, including on his podcast cited in the article Trump shared, underscore his stance on holding figures like McCabe accountable under a potential Trump presidency. Bannon suggested McCabe should consider leaving the country to avoid facing justice, emphasizing the global reach of U.S. extradition treaties.

Bannon’s rhetoric, although sometimes provocative and mocked by left-leaning commentators, reflects his serious intent regarding consequences for those he perceives as part of the “Deep State” opposition. His statement regarding “Accountability day” coinciding with Trump’s hypothetical inauguration signals a proactive stance on pursuing legal actions against perceived adversaries.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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