Trump Reveals Truth About Matt Gaetz After He…

In a time of universal lies, it’s sometimes hard to know who the good guys are.



But it seems to me that Matt Gaetz is one of the (few) good guys we have out there.

And it looks as though President Trump just gave him a hat tip as well, perhaps to let us all know he’s giving him his seal of approval.

The Tampa Free Press posted this to X:

To which Matt Gaetz replied:

Here is a portion of the actual article from the Tampa Free Press:

“Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida may be the most talked-about representative in Congress right now on both sides of the aisle.

But a new poll shows the American people like what he’s doing, and former President Trump agrees.

On Thursday, speaking with Brian Kilmeade, former President Donald Trump told Kilmeade that Gaetz may have done a ‘tremendous favor’ for the GOP.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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