Trump Reveals Where Coke Was In White House

The U.S. Secret Service has decided to end its cocaine in the White House investigation drew skepticism from former President Donald Trump on Saturday night.



“The White House just announced they’ve dropped the investigation into the West Wing cocaine scandal in just a few days,” Trump said during his Turning Point Action Conference speech, which aired live on Newsmax.

“Think of it: They have cocaine going into the White House. They’ve got more cameras than any building, probably, in the world. It’s opposite the situation room.”

Trump was skeptical about the most secure areas of the White House and cannot discern where cocaine came from.

“Probably the most important room anywhere in the world,” Trump said of the nearby Situation Room. “That’s where war is decided, where nuclear’s decided, where everything is decided.

“They say, ‘We didn’t have any cameras,'” Trump continued. “Like hell, they didn’t.

“By the way at Mar-a-Lago, which is not the Situation Room, we had tapes and we handed over all our tapes — gladly handed them over. Take a look. And then they say, ‘Oh, there’s somebody walking around with a box.'”

The White House and Secret Service know where the cocaine came from, according to Trump.

“Well, they said they don’t have tapes,” Trump said. “They don’t happen to have it. This investigation and that’s a big deal. The cocaine by itself is a big deal, but it could have been other things that could have been a dangerous weapon, so to speak, a bioweapon.”

And the finding of cocaine in the White House will all go away, Trump lamented.

“But they ended it — in just literally a few days,” he said. “Now I’ve been under investigation from really 2015, from the day I announced, from the day I came down the escalator and actually, when you think about it, from before that.”

Trump talked about his life before what he calls politically weaponized “witch hunts.”

“That’s when I had a nice, easy life. What I do for you, you have no idea,” Trump said to loud cheers. “I had such an easy life. I had such a good life. I had a great life.

“But I’m very glad I did” run for president in 2016, Trump concluded.

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