Trump: ‘Robert De Niro Has Incurable Case Of…’

Former President Donald Trump recently slammed actor Robert De Niro for showing up to the Manhattan courthouse where his criminal trial is taking place to stump for President Biden.



“I never knew how small, both mentally and physically, Wacko Former Actor Robert De Niro was,” Mr. Trump wrote on Truth Social.

“Today, De Niro, who suffers from an incurable case of TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME, commonly known in the medical community as TDS, was met, outside the Courthouse, with a force far greater than the Radical Left – MAGA,” he said. “Robert, whose movies, artistry, and brand have gone WAY DOWN IN VALUE since he entered the political arena at the request of Crooked Joe Biden, looked so pathetic and sad out there. Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio!!!”

It has been noted that the Biden campaign enlisted Mr. De Niro and a couple of police from the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, former Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn and former Washington Metropolitan Police Department Officer Michael Fanone to hold a press conference outside the New York courtroom and warn about the threat of a second Trump presidency poses to democracy in the U.S.

“This is the time to stop him, by voting him out once and for all,” Mr. DeNiro said. “If he gets in, I can tell you right now, he will never leave.”

He labeled Trump a “tyrant” and a “clown.”

It is noted that the Hollywood star also appears in a new ad for Mr. Biden. The “Snapped” ad features the actor warning that Trump will be more unhinged in his second stint in the White House if he wins. Dunn and another Capitol Police officer, former Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, will be in Nevada on Wednesday to remind voters of Mr. Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

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