Trump ‘Rules Out’ Popular Republican As VP

According to Bloomberg News, Trump informed Ramaswamy of his decision before it was publicly announced. Sources briefed on the discussion revealed that Trump personally conveyed to Ramaswamy that he wouldn’t be selected as his vice presidential candidate, but indicated consideration for roles such as Homeland Security secretary. Some of Trump’s allies perceive Ramaswamy as an ideal candidate due to his reputed prowess in public speaking and his background as an Indian-American son of an immigrant, which they believe could mitigate criticisms of stringent immigration policies.



Despite being rivals during the Republican primary, Ramaswamy has remained a steadfast supporter of Trump. Upon withdrawing from the race, he swiftly endorsed Trump and commenced campaigning on his behalf.

“Trump is looking for a running mate who isn’t motivated by the limelight, but who will help give him a measurable edge in the race against President Joe Biden, according to those familiar with his thinking,” the report continued. “Trump has confided to close advisers and allies that none of the names circulating as potential running mates have impressed him much. His list of options has only grown longer, not shorter, according to people close to the former president.”

According to insiders familiar with Trump’s considerations, he is seeking a running mate who prioritizes substance over spotlight, aiming to gain a distinct advantage in the race against President Joe Biden. However, Trump has reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with the potential vice presidential candidates circulating, resulting in an expanding rather than contracting list of options.

The report also suggests that former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is a leading contender for the position of chief of staff, despite having declined the role during Trump’s previous administration in favor of pursuing the Speakership.

Additionally, the report mentions North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Representative Elise Stefanik, and former US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer as potential candidates for various cabinet positions, based on information from undisclosed sources.

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