Trump Sadly Warned Vladimir Putin: ‘Don’t Ever…’

Former President Donald Trump recently expressed joy to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s praise of how the former president would handle the war in Ukraine if he was in the White House, reaffirming his commitment to force Ukraine to make a peace deal via Media Ite.



It has been noted that the Republican frontrunner since the start of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine has claimed that Putin would not have made the decision if Trump was still in office.

Trump has also told voters he would force Ukraine to make a peace deal with Putin, which would include allowing the Russian annexation of the Donbass region.

Before entering and while in office, Trump frequently praised Putin and claimed he wanted to have friendlier relations between the two countries. Recently, Putin claimed Trump would help “resolve all burning issues” regarding Ukraine.

New Meet The Press moderator Kristen Welker confronted Trump on the Russian’s president recent comments in a sneak peak interview set to release on Sunday.

WELKER: I want to ask you about something President Putin said about you this week. I don’t know if you’ve seen it. This was very recent. President Putin said, quote, “We surely hear that Mr. Trump says he will resolve all burning issues within several days, including the Ukrainian crisis. We cannot help but feel happy about it.” What do you make of that? Do you welcome this support?

TRUMP: Well, I like that he said that. Because that means what I’m saying is right. I would get him into a room. I’d get Zelenskyy into a room. Then I’d bring them together. And I’d have a deal worked out. I would get a deal worked out. It would have been a lot easier before it started. Essentially, for four years, I kept them from doing anything. Because you know what? I will tell you this. I’ve never said this. Ukraine was the apple of his eye. I said, “Don’t ever do it. Don’t ever do it.” He would have never done it. But again, oil prices. He wouldn’t have done it because of me, but oil prices. The prices were so high that he had so much money. So he had all this money to prosecute the war. The one who drove up the prices was Biden.

At the center of Trump’s first term in office was concern over how Russia may have influenced the outcome of the 2016 election to benefit the GOP leader.

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