Trump Said N-Word To Famous Celebrities?

Bill Pruitt, a former producer on The Apprentice has told that CNN’s Kaitlan Collins all about the disturbing scene surrounding former President Donald Trump’s alleged use of the n-word to describe a contestant for the reality show’s first season finale via Mediaite.



It has been noted that Pruitt’s recollections included the shocked reaction of Carolyn Kepcher, the former chief operating officer for the Trump Golf Properties, and a judge on the show, as Trump was deciding on a winner between Bill Rancic, a white man, and Kwame Jackson, who was Black.

“So, basically, we’re there — the producers, and Carolyn Kepcher and George Ross, who are the two advisors who worked for Trump at the Trump Organization, and they’re allowed a little bit more leeway because they worked for Trump, so they get to say things that we can’t say, necessarily, directly.” Pruitt continued:

And one point, Carolyn Kepcher, who is the head of his hospitality unit and ran one of his golf clubs, sort of came outside herself and said, “Kwame Jackson oversaw Omarosa,” who was brought back onto the task and created all kinds of problems for herself and other people all along the season. But, it was great TV and she was kept around for whatever reason.

And, for that, Carolyn Kepcher thought, “Well, Kwame deserves to be considered for how graceful he was in handling this.” And we all sort of agreed. But it was tilting things in a direction that we didn’t necessarily need it to go because we wanted to share an equitable story.

And Trump seemed to have an issue with this idea all along. You could see him reacting and shaking his head, wobbling his head, grimacing, wincing, before he said, “Yeah, but would America buy a” — and he said the n-word — “winning?”

And, I remember, I was looking right at Carolyn when this was spoken, and she is very pretty blonde woman whose skin went bright scarlet. And then I looked at Trump to see the reaction that he was giving, like it was some sort of joke, and he was still wincing and bobbing his head, and he was serious.

Jackson was “fired” and Rancic became the winner of season one. Meanwhile, Pruitt, whose non-disclosure agreement with the show just expired after 20 years, told Collins that video exists of Trump’s n-word comment.

“In 2016 I tweeted to people to go and look for these tapes because I know that they existed, because we recorded those meetings, we recorded that moment there. It’s somewhere on a tape, on a file,” Pruitt said.

Show creator Mark Burnett, who has not commented on Pruitt’s claim, has been credited with bolstering Trump’s image as a successful businessman on the show, leading to Trump becoming a household name and ultimately winning the presidency in 2016.

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