Trump Says Biden Holding Woman ‘Hostage’

It has been noted that former President Donald Trump stressed on the case of the “J6 Praying Grandma” on Truth Social Friday, bemoaning the legal plight both she and he face at the hands of “Crooked Joe Biden’s DOJ” via Mediaite.



“Rebecca Lavrez, also known as the ‘J6 Praying Grandma,’ has been unfairly targeted by Crooked Joe Biden’s DOJ, and now faces up to 1 YEAR in prison for peacefully walking around the Capitol, and praying for our Failing Nation on January 6th!” railed Trump.

“Rebecca is a 72-year-old Grandmother and Small Business Owner from Colorado, and now she is one of Joe Biden’s J6 HOSTAGES!!! Crooked Joe Biden spends more time prosecuting Patriots like Rebecca, AND ME, than Violent Criminals, Thugs, Murderers, and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who are destroying our Country. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE UP AGAINST. MAGA2024!”

It’s worth noting that Trump misspelled the praying grandmother’s name, which is actually: “Lavrenz.” On Thursday, she was convicted of committing four misdemeanors during the January 6 Capitol riot, when she unlawfully entered the Capitol grounds.

It has been noted that she faces up to a year in federal prison and might be forced to pay up to a fine of whopping $200,000. Her case drew some attention due to her advanced age and the facts of her case; she only entered the Capitol for approximately 10 minutes and is not alleged to have gotten in any physical confrontations during her time in it.

Trump’s linking of his own two criminal cases about his actions in the aftermath of the 2020 election with Lavrenz’s case is tenuous. The “J6 Praying Grandma” was accused only of misdemeanors and Trump is accused of having committed several more serious felonies, including conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government, conspiracy against civil rights, and racketeering.

The former president has made the legal troubles of those he sent to the Capitol on January 6, many of whom violently attacked law enforcement, a key aspect of his campaign to retake the White House in 2024, referring to them as “hostages” and even playing a recording of a group of them singing at his rallies.

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