Trump Says Big Name Is Killing Jewish People

Former President Donald Trump recently stated in a Truth Social post that Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel would have never happened had he been in office – ”not even a small chance.”



It has been noted that in the post, Trump stated that “Israel will find, very sadly, that there are far fewer hostages than currently being thought.”

“That’s why it’s hard for Hamas to make a deal,” he wrote. “They are no longer able to produce the people, because many of them are gone.”

Trump also went on to allege that “Hamas is incapable of holding Jewish people for a long period of time without killing them.”

It seems that not all the hostages initially taken by Hamas are Jewish—some are Muslim and some are Thai foreign workers. Hamas killed some of the Israeli hostages while holding them in captivity.

He also blasted Biden and stated that the president hasn’t shown any leadership since the Oct. 7 attack. It has come to light that Trump’s post follows another Truth Social statement in which he called for an end to encampments at universities across the country protesting war profiteering by colleges and the 34,000 Palestinian casualties in the Israeli-Hamas war.

On Oct. 7, Hamas, a Palestinian military group, killed 1,200 Israeli civilians and took 240 people hostage, many of whom were Israeli military officers. It is noted that almost half of the hostages have been released. However it is not known how many are still alive in captivity.

As per Hamas, more than 70 have been killed by Israeli airstrikes. Israel reported that 30 hostages have died.

During his presidency, Trump had a close and positive relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But after Netanyahu congratulated Biden on his presidential win in 2020, Trump reportedly soured on him. Trump changed his tune shortly after Oct. 7, but still criticizes Israel.

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