Trump Says Minorities Are ‘Not People’ From…

Former President Donald Trump recently gave a speech at an event on Saturday to boost his preferred candidate in Ohio’s Republican Senate primary race. However, dropped a bombshell and even used some harsh words to describe immigrants that might not sit well with them via DNYUZ.



He also hurled series of insults and vulgarities and predicted that the United States would never have another election if he did not win in November.

With his general election matchup against President Biden, Trump has once again doubled down on the doomsday vision of the country that has animated his third presidential campaign and energized his base during the Republican primary.

It has been noted that Trump also imposed fears about the influx of migrants coming into the United States at the southern border. As he did during his successful campaign in 2016, Trump used provocative words to label many migrants as threats to American citizens.

He asserted, without evidence, that other countries were emptying their prisons of “young people” and sending them across the border. “I don’t know if you call them ‘people,’ in some cases,” he said. “They’re not people, in my opinion.” He later referred to them as “animals.”

Border officials, including some who worked in the Trump administration, have stated that most migrants who cross the border are members of vulnerable families who have fleed violence and poverty, and available data does not support the idea that migrants are spurring increases in crime.

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