Trump Says Republican Woman Has Small Brain

In a recent Truth Social post via Mediaite, former President Donald Trump openly taunted his 2024 Republican competitor, Ron DeSantis, for trailing far behind in the polls. Taking a jab at DeSantis, Trump playfully referred to him as “Ron DeSanctimonious” and suggested that his policy proposals, particularly concerning Social Security and Medicare, might be contributing to his dwindling popularity. Trump emphasized his own strong position in the race, boasting about his overwhelming lead in the Emerson poll, where he secured a remarkable 59% of the support.



Mockingly highlighting DeSantis’s current standing in the Emerson poll, which placed him at a mere 8%, a significant 51 points below Trump, the former president didn’t hold back in his criticism. Employing the term “Birdbrain” to refer to another undisclosed candidate, Trump noted that even this unknown contender was faring better than DeSantis, albeit from a distant second position. Trump also disparaged the recent Republican debate, labeling it as the least-watched debate in history and predicting an even more dismal performance for the forthcoming debate in Miami.

Urging for Republican unity, Trump rallied his supporters to focus on defeating what he termed as the “WORST & MOST INCOMPETENT ADMINISTRATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES,” calling for a resurgence of the iconic “Make America Great Again” slogan.

The post came in the wake of an Emerson poll that solidified Trump’s dominant position in the Republican primaries, with a resounding 59% support. In contrast, DeSantis, once a formidable contender, saw his support dwindle to a mere 8%, a sharp decline from his previous 20% average. RealClearPolitics’ Republican primary poll average further reiterated Trump’s lead at 59.1%, followed by DeSantis at 12.8%, and Nikki Haley at 7.4%, solidifying Trump’s current position as the unchallenged front-runner in the race.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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