Trump Says Two GOP Governors Went ‘Too Far’

In a video clip that has surfaced, a reporter straight-up questioned former President Donald Trump whether the bombshell Arizona abortion ruling “went too far” and what he thinks about Florida’s 6-week ban via Mediaite.



In less than 24 hours after Trump released a widely-covered announcement in which he took great pains to convey that his actions have left the issue of abortion to the states, one of the states asked him to hold its beer.

The Arizona Supreme Court upheld an 1864 law which bans all abortions, with no exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother. The only exception is for the life of the mother.

Trump answered questions from reporters after he landed in Atlanta, Georgia Wednesday for a fundraiser. The very first question was on the Arizona ruling, which Trump said would get “straightened out”:

REPORTER: Mr. president did Arizona go too far? Did Arizona go too far, sir?

DONALD TRUMP: Yeah, they did. That’ll be straightened out. As you know it’s all about state’s rights. It’ll be straightened out. I’m sure that the governor and everybody else are going bring it back to within reason. And that will be taking care of, I think, very quickly.

REPORTER: What do you think about Florida?

DONALD TRUMP: Florida is probably maybe going to change, also. See it’s all in what the — who is– the will of the people. This is what I’ve been saying. It’s a perfect system.

So for 52 years, people have wanted to end Roe v Wade to get it back to the States. We did that. It was an incredible thing, an incredible achievement. We did that.

And now the states have it and the states are putting out what they want. It’s the will of the people.

So Florida’s probably going to change. Arizona is going to definitely change. Everybody wants that to happen. And you’re getting the will of the people.

It’s been pretty amazing when you think.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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