Trump Signs Woman’s Chest At Bar In Photo

According to AP News, former President Donald Trump is making a push to secure support in early-voting Iowa as he campaigns for a White House comeback in 2024. Trump has embarked on a series of visits to Iowa, with five planned through the end of October, aimed at converting his commanding lead in polls into committed supporters and volunteers. The goal is to achieve a massive victory in the Iowa caucuses on January 15, 2024, to deny his rivals momentum and effectively end the primary race.



During a recent campaign event in Maquoketa, Trump addressed a crowd of over 1,000 people and expressed confidence in winning the Iowa caucuses. He urged attendees to support him in the caucuses and asked them to bring along friends. The campaign is collecting signed cards from the crowd, pledging their support to Trump in the caucuses. While these cards do not bind voters to a candidate, they provide valuable contact information for the campaign to mobilize voters and recruit volunteers.

Trump acknowledged his second-place finish in Iowa during the 2016 caucuses, attributing it to his campaign team’s shortcomings in organizing the caucus process. He emphasized the importance of winning in 2024 and learning from past experiences.

The former president’s campaign is working to better organize in Iowa than it did in 2016, aiming to secure a decisive victory in the state. Trump has visited Iowa multiple times this year, focusing on policy and political events and making stops at key locations. Despite not attending some multicandidate events hosted by influential social conservative groups, Trump’s team has been busy collecting pledge cards and amassing voter contacts.

While other Republican candidates, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, have also campaigned aggressively in Iowa, Trump remains the early front-runner for the Republican nomination. His campaign is determined to maintain its lead and secure a strong showing in the Iowa caucuses, setting the stage for a potential return to the White House in 2024.

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