Trump Staffer ‘Lashes Out’ After Female Lawyer Kicks Him Out

Former Trump staffer Dylan Quattrucci expressed frustration and lashed out after being thrown out of former President Donald Trump’s victory party. The incident occurred after Quattrucci posted a picture with Trump attorney Alina Habba, who had informed the judge of exposure to Covid, feeling unwell, and having a fever, leading to a delay in the trial involving E. Jean Carroll.



Quattrucci, previously caught on camera during the January 6 Capitol riot making derogatory remarks to police officers, took to social media to share his experience. He posted video footage of himself being escorted out of the event, claiming he was kicked out for no apparent reason while expressing his loyalty to Trump. Quattrucci lamented the treatment of Trump’s “most loyal and dedicated supporters” by his staff.

In a subsequent social media post, Quattrucci criticized the Trump campaign for not offering any explanation for his ejection. He claimed to have put in thousands of hours campaigning for Trump on two campaigns and described the treatment he received as “DISGUSTING!” Despite the speculation that Habba’s presence may have been a factor, Quattrucci’s involvement in the January 6 Capitol attack was also noted, and he had reportedly resigned from his position as the Trump campaign’s deputy state director in New Hampshire following the release of footage showing him making offensive remarks to police officers.

I was just kicked out of the Trump victory party for absolutely no reason.

I was standing there speaking with other Trump supporters when I was asked to leave and pushed out of the venue.

This is how they treat loyalty.

If only President Trump knew how his most loyal and dedicated supporters were treated by his staff…

Quattrucci continued to update his followers on social media, framing the incident as part of what he referred to as the “War on Alpha Males.” The Trump campaign did not respond to Mediaite’s request for comment on the matter.

The situation highlights internal tensions within the Trump camp and the complexities surrounding individuals associated with the events of January 6. Quattrucci’s public reaction underscores the challenges faced by Trump’s team in managing relationships with supporters who may have engaged in controversial behavior.

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