Trump ‘Stands Down’ In New Speaker Fight

Byron Donalds is trying everything in power to become the next speaker of the house. It would be interesting to see what happens next, but we would have to understand the turn of events leading to this situation.



Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) lost for the third straight ballot. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) also failed. Kevin McCarthy’s removal from the speaker’s position three weeks ago has left a position to be filled and the Republicans are trying everything to fill it in. They haven’t been successful in this bid, but things could change soon.

Donalds along with eight other Republicans including House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN) have filed for the position. There’s no word on who’s winning this one.

No one can confirm if Donald Trump supports anyone heading into this situation. It would be interesting to note of what comes out from this entire nomination and result.

According to Mediaite, Byron Donalds, The Republican from Florida spoke about the situation with Martha MacCallum on The Story. He talked about every aspect in complete detail and one needs to see of what comes through.

Martha – So, one of the issues that Tom Emmer has is, he’s seen as not a Trump supporter. His group is pushing back on that. Will the former president endorse you for this position, Congressman Donalds?

Donalds – Well, I talked to the president a couple days ago. And I think where the president is, he’s gonna be focused on getting the [presidential] nomination of our party – something I believe he’s well on his way to do. As far as the speaker of the House is concerned, the Republican members, we are gonna take care of that business internally.

Martha – Well, he endorsed Jim Jordan. So, is it sort of a concerted decision not to endorse on this round, that maybe that didn’t work out so well?

Donalds – No, not at all. That is actually not the case. Listen, what happened up here with Jim and even with Steve Scalise was really unfortunate. There were a lot of issues between the members. My hope is those things have been worked out and flushed out.

Who do you think is winning this nomination? Sound off in the comments.

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