Trump ‘Stay of Execution’ Bombshell Revealed

It has been noted that former President Donald Trump’s legal team filed a motion on Friday and are seeking a stay on the execution of an $83 million judgment against him for 30 days to allow for post-trial motions that may impact the penalty figure via The Epoch Times.



The motion, citing Rule 62 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, asks for either an “unsecured” or “partially secured” stay of the court’s Feb. 8 judgment until 30 days after the resolution of President Trump’s post-trial motions.

The motion requests to grant President Trump the right to “post a bond in an appropriate fraction of the amount of the judgment.”

The attorneys stated that the post-trial motions will be filed no later than March 7. It is noted that they additionally ask for a temporary administrative stay of the judgment pending the resolution of the post-trial motions, or for the court to issue a ruling on Friday’s motion by March 4.

“As multiple courts have held, an unsecured stay may be appropriate before the court rules on post-trial motions where the amount of the judgment is uncertain and likely to be affected by the disposition of post-trial motions,” the filing reads.

The attorneys argue that the post-trial motions would likely substantially reduce, “if not eliminate,” the final judgment amount. They lay out their argument for why the compensatory damages should be reduced from $7.3 million to “no more than $125,000,” in line with similar cases.

“President Trump’s post-trial motions will present several meritorious issues, but for purposes of this stay motion, President Trump focuses on two issues that the Court has not yet had occasion to consider—the excessiveness of the punitive damages award and the compensatory damages award for emotional injury,” the filing reads.

In January, a jury awarded Ms. Carroll over $83 million after she claimed the former president defamed her when he denied allegations of sexual assault.
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