Trump Sues After Allegedly Cheating On Melania With…

Former President Donald Trump and one of his lawyers have filed a lawsuit against an ex-British spy responsible for the infamous Steele Dossier. Steele Dossier was a now disproven set of claims that the Russians compromised President Trump, and they had scandalous photos that they could use to blackmail him.



President Trump has finally taken a stand against Steele and seeks to prove that the dossier was false and harmful to his reputation.

The Associated Press shared more details on the lawsuit:

Trump has sued the company founded by Christopher Steele, who created a dossier in 2016 that contained rumors and uncorroborated allegations about Trump that erupted in a political storm just before he was inaugurated.

Trump is seeking damages from Orbis Business Intelligence for allegedly violating British data protection laws. Steele’s company is seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed during two days of hearings at London’s High Court.

And furthermore:

Trump “suffered personal and reputational damage and distress” because his data protection rights were violated, attorney Hugh Tomlinson said.

Steele, who once ran the Russia desk for the Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6, was paid by Democrats to compile research that included salacious allegations that Russians could potentially blackmail Trump for sexual activity. Trump said the dossier was fake news and a political witch hunt.

“Tomlinson said it “contained shocking and scandalous claims about the personal conduct of President Trump” and included allegations he paid bribes to Russian officials to further his business interests. Trump’s case “is that this personal data is egregiously inaccurate,” he said.

This is the perfect time for President Trump to sue Steele. Now that Democrats have come out with all their phony indictments, it’s seemingly the right time for President Trump to strike back and hand out the consequences of spreading false rumors about him.

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