Trump Suffers Hysterical Meltdown On New Years Eve

In a Truth Social post on December 29, 2023, Donald Trump painted a bleak picture of the economy, asserting that it is in terrible shape. He highlighted the significant impact of inflation, claiming it to be over 30% in the last three years, leading to a substantial decline in consumer buying power. Trump credited the current state of the economy to the achievements during his administration, suggesting that the positive effects are now running on fumes.



The former president expressed a pessimistic view of the stock market, stating that its current high is attributed to the belief and expectation that he will win the presidential election in 2024. Trump warned of a potential stock market crash worse than that of 1929, referring to the Great Depression, if he does not secure victory. This statement implies a direct link between his political success and the stability of the financial markets.

The phrase “Make America Great Again,” a hallmark of Trump’s political messaging, was included at the end of the post. This message aligns with Trump’s recurring theme of restoring American greatness during his presidency.

As with any political statement, it’s important to consider the speaker’s perspective and potential motivations. Trump’s prediction of a dire economic outcome if he doesn’t win the 2024 election reflects his belief in the impact of his policies on the economy and his influence over financial markets.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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