Trump Suffers Meltdown With ‘Praying’ Photo In Church

Former President Donald Trump stirred up a storm on his Truth Social platform in the lead-up to the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary, showcasing his signature style of online communication. Trump, known for his frequent and emphatic posts on the platform, took this opportunity to deliver a series of notable messages.



In a departure from his usual text-centric posts, Trump shared an apparent AI-generated image of himself praying in a church pew with six fingers, leading to speculation and amusement among social media users.

One of Trump’s posts featured a fervent declaration about his perceived superiority in “POLE NUMBERS” (presumably referring to poll numbers) compared to potential rivals. Specifically, he asserted, “I GET MUCH BETTER POLE NUMBERS AGAINST BIDEN THAN NIKKI HALEY, NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!” This all-caps proclamation is consistent with Trump’s characteristic style of online communication, marked by enthusiastic emphasis.

Trump also expressed his excitement about the level of enthusiasm in New Hampshire, listing key issues that he believes resonate with voters, including strong borders, a robust economy without inflation, low taxes and regulations, a powerful military, and energy independence. He punctuated his message with the familiar slogan, “WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Additionally, Trump used his platform to rally support against President Joe Biden, urging people to cast what he deemed the “most important vote” and sending a signal to Biden and the political establishment in Washington.

The posts reflected Trump’s continued engagement with his base and his unorthodox approach to social media. Despite the quirky AI-generated image and the passionate declarations, the former president maintained a focus on the New Hampshire primary and the political landscape, emphasizing issues he believes resonate with his supporters.

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