Trump Suffers Memory Loss Attacking Jeb Bush

Donald Trump suffered memory loss attacking Jeb Bush today.



Former President Donald Trump reportedly told an aide to keep quiet about government documents he stored at his Mar-a-Lago residence after he left the White House, a former prosecutor told CNN via Media Ite.

On Monday, ABC News reported that last year, Trump learned the FBI wanted to interview an assistant of his named Molly Michael. Reports stated that Trump told her, “You don’t know anything about the boxes.” The New York Times said it confirmed the report on Tuesday evening.

Trump has been federally indicted for retaining classified documents and obstructing their retrieval. During Tuesday’s edition of OutFront, host Erin Burnett asked Chris Timmons – a trial attorney and former prosecutor in Georgia – about the revelation.

“As a former prosecutor, when you look at this and this latest reporting, how significant is it?” she asked.

Timmons was fairly blunt:

It is not known if the former president will testify in Florida.

But if it isn’t, it’s this witness. She’s the key witness. She doesn’t have a prior inconsistent statement where she said something happened that didn’t. So, she makes a much stronger witness. And, on top of that, you know, she’s got just damning information. I mean, this is a smoking gun. And so, I think what we’re gonna see here is when this case goes to trial, if it goes to trial, her testimony, particularly her direct, and more importantly her cross-examination, is gonna be the key to whether the former president is convicted.

Trump has pleaded not guilty on all counts he faces.

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