Trump Suffers Memory Loss During Putin Rant

During a recent episode of “Morning Joe,” Mika Brzezinski expressed her shock at a heavy-handed montage of former President Donald Trump’s embarrassing gaffes made during his weekend speeches. To emphasize the point, Joe Scarborough insisted on running the montage three times consecutively for the viewers via Mediaite.



The montage showed Trump slurring words, mistaking President Joe Biden for former President Barack Obama, and, well, just bailing on a prompter read that he could not suss out in real-time.

“Putin, you know, has so little respect for Obama that he’s starting to throw around the nuclear water,” Trump is seen saying in the clip, a mistake he has made before but meekly defended as a sarcastic joke about who is truly running the White House.

The montage aired coming out of a break and Scarborough noted how his wife and co-host turned away while it ran, asking what made her so upset.

“It just … It feels very unhealthy,” Brzezinski replied. “I’m going to just be very careful. But it doesn’t look good. It does. It scares me.” To which Scarborough called to rerun the montage.

“Stop!” Brzezinski said.

“I don’t like it!” she added. “Something’s wrong.”

In case anyone missed the point, Scarborough called to air it a THIRD time, to which Mika said, “COME ON! What’s going on?!”

“Are you following him?” Scarborough asked of Jonathan Lemire. “I’m dead serious. You followed this guy for a very long time. Is there is that confusion between Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi, the continued confusion between Barack Obama and and and Joe Biden and that that that has a deep background going all the way back to 2011. He really is. He continues to be obsessed and haunted by Barack Obama, mocking him at the White House Correspondents Dinner, getting the respect that he always thought he needed to get.”

“He’s not the same guy,” Lemire replied. “You can watch video footage of the 2016 campaign, some of his time in the White House. We played last week in a clip from the debate between Trump and Biden back in 2020, and it was striking even then how much Trump has changed, how he’s aged. I mean, he is in his late 70s, he’s only a couple years younger than President Biden, and we are seeing with more and more frequency, even as the media.”

“We talked about it earlier, about how the weekend was full of polls and obsession about President Biden’s age,” Lemire said. “It’s this it’s Trump who, day after day, is showing the signs of age, but also pressure.”

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