Trump Swears In New Mugshot Arrest Meltdown Video

According to Mediate, former President Donald Trump has seized upon his recent arrest in Fulton County, Georgia, in an attempt to capitalize on the situation and launch a new campaign promoting memorabilia featuring his mugshot. This move comes in the wake of his arrest on 13 counts related to election crimes as part of a sweeping RICO case initiated by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.



Trump’s mugshot, following its release shortly after his arrest, quickly became the centerpiece of an array of campaign merchandise, sparking a range of intense reactions from the public. Building on this momentum, Trump went a step further this week by recording an impromptu commercial promoting campaign tee-shirts adorned with his mugshot.

In the video, Trump reflects on the use of his mugshot and reiterates his disputed claims about President Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in the legal proceedings against him. He begins by questioning the necessity of a mugshot for someone as recognizable as himself, stating that he wishes there were still people unfamiliar with his appearance.

He goes on to attribute the mugshot to his previous assertions that the election was rigged, emphasizing his unwavering belief in this claim. Trump contends that the mugshot, an attempt to portray him as a criminal, has backfired, citing the campaign’s successful fundraising efforts, which reportedly exceeded $10 million since the mugshot’s release. He suggests that the people see through what he labels a “sham” and “scam,” referring to the legal proceedings as election interference orchestrated by President Biden and the Deep State.

In his closing remarks, Trump expresses gratitude for the support he has received and encourages people to obtain the campaign merchandise featuring his mugshot. He ends on a confident note, stating that the alleged interference will backfire once again in the 2024 election when he aims to reclaim the White House.

“Is there anyone on the Planet that doesn’t know what I look like? And yet, for some reason, the Communist Democrats in Atlanta made a Mug Shot of me!” Trump wrote on Truth Social, with a link to his campaign’s criminal trial swag page.

Is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t know what I look like? I wish there were some people like that. It’d be very nice for me. And yet, for some reason, the communist Democrats in Atlanta made a mugshot of me. That’s a mugshot because I said the election was rigged, and I believe it more strongly than ever was a rigged election. We all know why and we know what they’re doing and we certainly get it. But I know I’m your favorite president and they make me look like a criminal, but it completely and totally backfired. As you probably read, since my mugshot was released, our campaign has raised over $10 million. The people get it. The people know this is a sham and a scam. This is nothing but election interference. They want to interfere with our election so they can try and damage me with all these bullshit lawsuits that you see flying all over the place. But it’s election interference. It’s orchestrated by Crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of our country, along with the Deep State. And on November 5th, 2024, it’s going to backfire again when we win back the White House and make America great again. I just want to thank you for your tremendous support. And here it is. If you want to go out and get it, you can go out and get it. Have fun with it. But people do like it, I must say. Thank you very much.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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