Trump Swears On Plane After Romney’s Niece Lie

In a recent revelation on MSNBC, previously unaired audio of Donald Trump vehemently denying a claim made by Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel was played. The audio, provided to the network by ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, who originally reported the conversation in his book “Betrayal,” was aired for the first time on Monday’s Inside with Jen Psaki.



The exchange, as recounted by Psaki, occurred on Trump’s last day in office after boarding Air Force One. According to Karl’s book, Trump informed McDaniel that he was leaving the GOP and considering the creation of his own political party, thereby posing a threat to the very existence of the Republican Party.

The aired audio from July 2021 featured Jonathan Karl questioning Trump about the reported conversation with McDaniel:

KARL: When you got on the plane, you got a call from Ronald McDaniel. Do you recall? Do you recall that phone conversation?


KARL: Because you, you had–

TRUMP: What did she say?

KARL: That you–

TRUMP: What did she say?

KARL: That you told her you were gonna leave the Republican Party.

TRUMP: This is the sickest thing I’ve ever heard. I never said any such thing. You mean, I was gonna form another party or something?

KARL: Yes, yes.

TRUMP: Oh, that’s bullsh*t, ok? Never happened.

Despite the controversy surrounding him, including being under indictment in four jurisdictions, two of which are related to his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, Trump remains the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in the upcoming year.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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