Trump Threatens Deportations In Laken Riley Killing Rant

Former President Donald Trump delivered a fiery rant on Truth Social, blaming President Joe Biden for the killing of Laken Riley and denigrating migrants. Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student, was murdered, and the suspect, Jose Antonio Ibarra, is a 26-year-old migrant who entered the U.S. unlawfully near El Paso in 2022. Trump used the case to criticize Biden’s immigration policies, calling it an “invasion” and promising mass deportations.



Trump directly blamed Biden for Riley’s death and accused him of allowing an “invasion” of dangerous migrants. He claimed that Ibarra should never have been in the country and was released at Biden’s orders. Trump also alleged that the Democrats released Ibarra a second time after he was arrested in New York for injuring a child.

In the video, Trump vowed to carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history to remove “Joe Biden’s illegals and murderers.” He characterized migrants as coming from mental institutions and prisons worldwide, emphasizing the need to stop the “horrible invasion” to reclaim the country.

The White House responded to Trump’s accusations by highlighting his role in scuttling a bipartisan immigration deal and years of impeding reform efforts. The case of Laken Riley’s murder has become a focal point in the broader immigration debate, with Trump using it to underscore his hardline stance on border security and deportation.

Migrant crime is taking over America. From his very first day, Joe Biden allowed an invasion of our country, resettling dangerous illegal aliens from all over the world into American communities to prey on our people.

The latest victim of Joe Biden’s premeditated border invasion is Laken Riley. Last week, Laken went out for her morning jog and never came back home. A Biden migrant has been charged with brutally attacking her, beating her, kidnaping her and murdering her on the campus of the University of Georgia.

This monster should never have been allowed in our country. He was released at Crooked Joe’s orders and set loose into our country.

The radical Left Democrats then released him onto the public yet a second time after he was arrested in New York for injuring a child.

How many more innocent victims must be harmed? And how much more innocent blood must be spilled until we stop this invasion, this horrible, horrible invasion and remove these illegal alien criminals from our country?

As president, I will carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history to remove Joe Biden’s illegals and murderers. Because that’s what many of them are. They’re from mental institutions, and they’re from prisons from all over the world, from Africa, from Asia, from South America, from the Middle East, all over the world.

Many of them come from prisons and mental institutions. It’s very simple. If they don’t go back to their countries, we will never get back our country.

Thank you very much. We’re so sorry to be talking about this to the parents. They are great people. Laken Riley will be very, very sorely missed. This should never, ever happen again.

Our country is being overrun by criminals, by murderers, by drug addicts. They’re all coming in through Joe Biden’s horrible open border. There’s never been a border like this anywhere in the world at any time. He is a disaster as a president. He doesn’t understand it. He doesn’t understand how bad it is. It’s so bad. The whole world is talking about it. There’s never been a case like this. Thank you.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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